Altan Pharmaceuticals S.A.U

The company was founded with the strategic objective of building a premier, global injectable drug company that is committed to improving patient care by providing specialty medications of superior quality and value for the benefit of patients and caregivers. Altan will establish and grow its business by acquiring and developing attractive products and assets; adding value through systematic implementation of best practices in manufacturing, distribution, regulatory, R&D and commercial operations; and, consolidating those assets into an integrated and highly efficient global organization.

On June 10, 2015 Altan made its first acquisition, a manufacturer of injectable drugs headquartered in Madrid Spain: The GES Group. GES develops, manufactures and sells specialty injectable products in Spain and exports products to distribution partners in other European countries as well as Latin America, Asia and other regional markets. GES’ product portfolio includes a range of pain, anti-infective and other medications available in a variety of presentations including premix bags, liquid and lyophilized vials, and ampoules.

Altan intends to build on the GES acquisition and will invest significant resources to deliver organic and inorganic growth through expansion of international partnerships, targeted product development and acquisition of complimentary product lines and assets.


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